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15ml Liquid Amylaze

Harris Homecraft

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15ml Liquid Amylaze
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Amylaze removes starch in wine. This will treat up to 20 gallons of wine and is highly concentrated - only a small amount needed and you cannot overdose.
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What Is Amylaze?

Amylaze is a highly concentrated form of liquid fungal alpha-amylase. It is supplied in an easy to use 15ml plastic bottle. The dose rate is 10 drops per 5 litres (1 gallon). It does not matter if you add too much, you cannot overdose on this enzyme, in fact, the more you use the faster it works. 

What Volume Will It Treat?

Each bottle contains enough enzyme to treat 20 gallons.

What Is Starch?

Starch is a type of carbohydrate. Its molecules are made up of large numbers of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Starch is a white solid at room temperature, and does not dissolve in cold water. Most plants, including rice, potatoes and wheat, store their energy as starch. This explains why these foods – and anything made from wheat flour – are high in starch.

What Does Starch Do?

Starch has many uses. Your body digests starch to make glucose, which is a vital energy source for every cell. Food companies use starch to thicken processed foods, and to make sweeteners.

Why Is It Bad In Wine?

The starch in the ingredients used will make your wine cloudy. Finings work by attaching to the haze particles, making them heavier and therefore fall down quicker. If the finings cannot attach to the particles, they will not work. By adding Amylase, the starch will be destroyed so the wine will be able to clear.

What Fruits/Vegetables Contain Starch?

All fruits and vegetables used in winemaking will contain some starch. Ingredients like bananas, potato, parsnip, rice contain large amounts of starch, while unripe apples contain as much as 15% starch. Always try to use ripe fruit whenever possible. When making a wine from vegetables, always add Amylaze to the wine.

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