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Harris Suresan - No Rinse Sanitiser - 1Kg

Harris Homecraft

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Harris Suresan - No Rinse Sanitiser - 1Kg
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Suresan is classed as a no-rinse sanitiser since it is non-toxic and will not add any flavours. Used to sanitise all equipment before use. Supplied in bulk.
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What is it?

Suresan is a granular sanitiser that is made up into a solution to sanitise all your equipment before us. Suresan is made from Sodium Percarbonate which breaks down to Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Carbonate when dissolved in water. The peroxide acts as a non-chlorine bleaching agent, which is highly effective for contact sanitising surfaces and equipment. It breaks down after 1 hour to the harmless residual products of oxygen and water. Hence no additional rinsing is required.

Why you need it.

All equipment that comes in contact with your beer, wine or cider must be completely clean and free from any bacteria. Just swilling with water is not sufficient and may lead to bacteria building up in your brew and in consequence, it must be discarded. Suresan is a quick and effective sanitiser that will kill the harmful bacteria of your equipment, making a clean environment for your brew to flourish. It only takes seconds to sanitise but can save you from spoilt brews.

How do you use it?

Suresan is easy to mix up. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Suresan to 1-2 litres of warm water. Ensure the solution is in contact with all parts or areas to be sanitised. You can also use a sponge or cloth to wipe the equipment down in Suresan. Remember to use the solution within 1 hour of making it up. There may be a residual element of Sodium Carbonate that remains. Many users still prefer to give the equipment a quick rinse with cold water to remove this, even though it is harmless. This ensures that glassware, in particular, emerges sparkling clear.


Suresan is a no-rinse sanitiser that is ideal for any equipment that is not heavily stained or soiled. If you have a heavy stained piece of equipment or one that has not been used for a very long time, we recommend a steriliser like Stericlean. This is more powerful at removing stains but will need to be rinsed thoroughly several times in cold running water to remove all traces before the equipment is to be used.

Technical Data

The sanitiser is an oxidising agent which upon dissolving in water yields hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate (also known as Soda Ash). Sodium Percarbonate acts as a non-chlorine bleaching agent and thus is effective at sanitising surfaces and equipment. The hydrogen peroxide yielded when dissolved in water decomposes over a short time frame (1 hour) into harmless residual products oxygen and water, hence no additional rinsing is required and is safe for the environment.


Use warm water to make a solution, it dissolves the Suresan faster and you will get a better result.

Great for cleaning tannin stains in cups and mugs from tea and coffee. Simply add a small amount into the cup and top up with warm water. Leave for 1 hour then empty and rinse for a stain-free mug.

Also great for cleaning bird feeders to remove any bacteria build up over the months, just let dry naturally or rinse and dry after sanitising.

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