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25 Litre Printed Fermenting Bin (Bucket)

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25 Litre Printed Fermenting Bin (Bucket)
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25 Litre (5gallon) Fermenting Bin for fermenting beer, cider, wine, spirit wash or country wines. The lid has been drilled and fitted with a rubber grommet ready for an airlock. Food grade plastic printed with a scale.

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What is it?

This is a 25 litre Food grade plastic bucket with a snap on lid drilled and fitted with grommet for an airlock. The plastic is opaque so that you can see the level of liquid inside and the outside has a measurement guide

What can you ferment?

The Fermenting Bin is the primary container for fermenting beer. This will easily hold a full 5 gallons (22.5 litres) with enough space at the top for any foam head that is produced. You can also ferment cider and wine in the bucket as well as using it wen making a country wine for the initial ferment on the fruit. You can also make a spirit wash in the bucket but please keep in mind that the volume could almost reach the top of the bucket. Ideally a larger 30 litre or more would be better for a spirit wash.

How airtight is the bucket?

The lid is snapped on tight forming a good seal. However, sometimes during the fermenting process, the lid can bow slightly up with the pressure and sometimes the gas can escape around the lid. If this happens, you may think that there is no fermentation taking place, but lifting the lid will reveal if the contents are fermenting. A foam on the surface, fizzing sounds or a strong smell indicates that the contents are fermenting.

What is the smallest size that can be fermented?

Try to keep as little head space as possible. The more full  the fermenting bin, the better. Avoid just fermenting 4.5 litres (1 gallon) as the head space is too great, instead purchase smaller buckets for the smaller volume. Ideally, try to have the bucket at least half full.

How long does a bucket last?

That is a difficult question to answer as it depends upon how frequent that the fermenting bin is used and what is being made. Stirring sugar crystals with a spoon can lead to scratches in the side of the bucket, can be troublesome to keep clean and sterile. With careful use and proper sterilising, a bucket can last many years. We know customers that have had buckets for over 15 years in constant use.


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Nice Bin
Good Bucket, certainly helps with the pre drilled hole for the airlock
Review by Mark / (Posted on 12/07/2017)
Nice Bin Good Bucket, certainly helps with the pre drilled hole for the airlock
100/ 100
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