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50 Crown Caps - White

Dark Rock Brewing

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50 Crown Caps - White
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Use a crown capper to put onto a glass beer bottles. Fully BRC certified and compliant with all current EU regulations for food packaging, with an oxygen scavenging liner as standard.

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What Is It?

These are metal crown caps that are used to seal glass beer bottles.

How Do You Use Them?

To use these crown caps, you will need a crown capping tool. There are 3 different types available. The simplest is a hammer capper, which goes over the crown cap resting on the bottle, and a sudden sharp blow is needed to push the capper down over the cap to shape and seal it to the bottle. The most common is a standard capper which uses a magnet to hold the cap and is placed over the bottle. Two handles are pulled down, it grips the bottle and pushes the cap down sealing it to the bottle. The third option is a bench capper, the bottle is placed on the capper stand, a cap in the holder and you bring a lever down to seal the bottle cap.

What Colours Are Available?

We sell the crown caps in nine styles: red, blue, green, gold, silver, white, purple, black & union jack. They are all the same size and all use the same cappers to apply them. Colour code your beer to remember what beer is in a bottle or for stock rotation. 

How Many Are In The Packet?

Each packet contains approximately 50 caps. These are packed by weight and are very accurate. However, the odd times you will get 49 or even 51. The average contents will be 50 caps.

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