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50g Ekuanot T90 Hop Pellets (USA) 13.7% Alpha - 2020 crop

Dark Rock Brewing

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50g Ekuanot T90 Hop Pellets (USA) 13.7% Alpha - 2020 crop
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A fantastic USA hop, Ekuanot is used mainly for it's strong aroma characteristics, which have mainly been described as lemon, lime and papaya.
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Use in brewing

Ekuanot is a wonderful hop with broad potential. Due to the intense complexity of aroma and bitterness that Ekuanot provides, it is most often used late in the boil, at flameout or even dry hopping. This is where the full flavour and aroma will come through. However, due to the high alpha acid, it can also pack a good punch as a bittering hop. There are many single hop beers that are available commercially that just use Ekuantot.

It also can complement the floral and tropical fruit of many other American hop varieties, such as Mosaic and Citra.


There are no good substitutes for Ekuanot hops, but a close hop variety would be Chinook.


Bred at the Hop Breeding Company and released in 2014. Its parentage lies in Warrior and a wild hop variety. Originally called Equinox, it was re-branded as Ekuanot.

Additional Information

  • Country: USA
  • Cohumulone: 31-36
  • Alpha Acid: 13-16%
  • Characteristics: Lemon, Lime, Papaya
  • Flavour intensity: 8
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