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Still Spirits Air Still Carbon Cartridge

Still Spirits

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Still Spirits Air Still Carbon Cartridge
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A replacement box of 10 carbon cartridges for the Still Spirits Air Still Collector
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This is a box of 10 carbon cartridges for use with the Still Spirits Carbon Collector filter system.

How long does a cartridge last?

The manufacturer states that each carbon cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125 ml of distilled spirit or grain alcohol. We have found that 1 cartridge seems to last the complete filtration of a distilled wash. We replace the carbon after every wash has been distilled and filtered.

How do you replace the cartridge?

The plastic spindle that holds the carbon cartridge can be unscrewed to allow the cartridge to be replaced. There will also be a washer at the top and bottom of the cartridge. These may be used again on the replacement cartridge as long as they are not too badly deformed or squashed. If they are, these will need replacing at the same time.

Can I speed up the filtration time?

Filtering is slow, if it was fast, then the carbon would not be doing the job of removing the impurities in the spirit. There are a few things to check to see if you can make it filter a little faster.

1. Make sure the carbon cartridge is not over tight in the filter, as this can reduce the flow.
2. Soak the carbon fo 10 minutes in hot water before filtering.
3. Filter in a warmer environment, as warmth helps speed up the filtering. This is noticed more in the colder Winter months.

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