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House of Beaverdale Vieux Chateau Du Roi - 6 Bottle


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House of Beaverdale Vieux Chateau Du Roi - 6 Bottle
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Beaverdale Vieux Chateau Du Roi is a premium red 1-gallon wine kit which is full-bodied, dry, yet soft & quick to mature with a fine oak aroma.

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What is it?

Beaverdale is a premium quality wine kit which requires no added sugar (all of the sugar content is contained within the grape juice).  Everything you need to make this wine is included with the kit (except water). The wine can be drunk young, but unlike some 3-week wine kits, it will continue to mature if you are patient. This kit will make 1 gallon (4.5 litres) of wine, which will produce around 6 bottles of delicious wine. The kit is easy to make and if you get hooked on the style it is also available in a 5 gallon (30 bottles) version.

The Beaverdale range is very popular and is amongst the highest quality 1-gallon wine kits available on the market.

What is Vieux Chateau Du Roi?

This full-bodied, red French wine has a name which roughly translates as "great old house of the king". In the style of famous Chateauneuf Du Pape, this wine is deep purple in colour, rounded and smooth. The bouquet of berries and spices beautifully integrate into an elegant finish with hints of oak.

Vieux Chateau Du Roi is a soft, dry wine but not as heavy as the deep reds such as Shiraz.

Vieux Chateau Du Roi contains a variety of rich, French grapes which are infused with complex favours to produce one of France's most popular wines.

What's included?

  • A pouch of Vieux Chateau Du Roi style grape concentrate
  • A sachet of oak chips
  • A 2g sachet of yeast
  • A sachet of wine stabiliser to end the fermenting process
  • A sachets of Chitosan and Kieselsol wine finings to clear the wine
  • Full instructions

What equipment do you need?

Basic 1 gallon winemaking equipment, for example, glass or plastic demijohn, bung, airlock and sterilizer. You will find these under the starter kit section of this website.

Food Pairing

The palate is fruity and rounded making it an ideal accompaniment for rich hearty meats and stews. Vieux Chateau Du Roi also compliments tomato pasta dishes and matured mellow cheeses.


We recommend using a Vinbrite filter to clear the wine to a professional standard.
If you can leave it a few months to mature, the wine will greatly improve

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