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Partial Mash Upgrade Bundle

Dark Rock Brewing
Partial Mash Upgrade Bundle
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A perfect upgrade bundle to start brewing a Partial Mash. Includes a boiling pan, thermometer and a Dark Rock beer kit of your choice. A wide range of beer styles are available to choose from and make the highest quality beers achievable without full grain mashing.

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What is it?

The Partial Mash Upgrade Bundle builds on basic brewing equipment to enable you to step up to partial mash brewing. Partial mash brewing kits are easy to make and enable you to develop your brewing skills. The wide choice of styles allows you to appreciate the contribution individual malts and hops can make to beer flavours and aromas. This starter kit includes a  robust 15 litre boiling pan, thermometer and a beer kit of your choice.

Boiling Pan:

  • 15-litre capacity
  • Quality stainless steel stock pot
  • Rolled edge pots to avoid sharpness
  • Riveted hollow stainless steel handles
  • Suitable on all heat surfaces except for induction hobs
  • Dishwasher and oven safe


  • Glass thermometer (high sensitivity) for taking accurate temperature readings. It is important to keep the mash temperature as close to 66C as possible for the first 30 mins of the process. This thermometer will allow you to maintain precise temperature control.
  • The thermometer has an easy to read temperature scale in both Celsius and Fahrenheit C 

Choice of Dark Rock Partial Mash Beer Kit:

Dark Rock Brewing's Partial Mash kits represent the highest quality beer kits available to home craft brewers  Everything you need to make a superb ale is included in the box (except water). Partial mash brewing is an easy process. It takes a little longer than making a standard beer kit but the results are absolutely stunning. Partial mash brewing really allows you to master your craft. It is fun and you are much more involved in the brewing process, allowing you to develop your skills. The quality of the commercial grade malt extract used in this so good it is difficult to distinguish the beer from an all grain recipe. Each Dark Rock kit is carefully researched and developed by commercial brewers with extensive knowledge and a passion for craft beers and real ales. Dark Rock Kits enable you to produce commercial quality beers, all within the comfort of your own home. Malts and hops are added at controlled stages of the brewing process to provide rich aromas and depths of flavour which are simply not possible from standard hopped malt extract kits. They are comprehensive and complete premium beer kits that have 3.5kg of commercial grade malt extract as a backbone. This is matched to perfectly crushed malts and the freshest hops packed in nitrogen flushed vacuum packs. The result is the highest quality beer kits ever produced! 

There are four partial mash ranges available from Dark Rock Brewing. The Classic Range provides a stepping stone up from standard beer kits. The full range of pub classics is covered and enable you to brew beers of stunning quality. The World Heritage Range allows you to master your craft and brew beers which are close to classic styles from around the world. Iconic favourites and traditional styles sit alongside new emerging flavours from developing regions. The Single Hop Range focuses on individually selected hops to allow you to develop skills for discerning the different hop aromas and flavours that each of the key hop varieties offers. The Bohemian Range is quirky and experimental. Bring out the "hipster" in you and try one of the off the wall styles that do not conform to traditional standards. 

Each kit includes 3.5kg of brewery quality malt extract, malt grains, fresh vacuum packed nitrogen flushed hops, Britewort clarifier, premium beer yeast, Pure Brew (water treatment and nutrients), Starbrite Finings (vegan-friendly), muslin straining bag and full instructions. 

What makes the Dark Rock Partial Mash range so special?

Most economy beer kits are supplied with 1.5kg of malt, or up to 1.8kg for standard kits. Many brewers now prefer to pay a little extra for boxed premium kits, which tend to include 3kg malt. The higher the malt content, the better the body and taste will be. You really do get what you pay for in this respect. Dark Rock Partial Mash kits contain a whopping 3.5kg of malt extract and that is without counting the malt grains! This puts them ahead of the pack in terms of malt content and gives the beer a massive quality advantage. Couple that with a really generous quantity of the freshest and best quality hops, and you have a beer which is pretty much impossible to beat without heading into all grain mashing territory. Even the most avid all grain aficionados supplement their stocks with Dark Rock Partial Mash beers. The reason they give is that the quality is right up there and the brewing time and complexities are greatly reduced.

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