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Wobblygob Golden Sweet Cider


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Wobblygob Golden Sweet Cider
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Wobblygob Golden Sweet Cider is often described as just what a proper cider should be. The sweet version of the Great Barr Gold.
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This commercial quality cider kit has all the excellent high quality aromas and flavours you would expect from this apple cider kit. Drink it with your eyes closed and you will experience the taste and aroma of a crisp and refreshing cider with a smooth finish. Specially selected apples are pressed and concentrated then blended with just a touch of sugar to balance the alcohol, couple this with the premium cider yeast included and in no time at all you will be drinking your own commercial quality cider.

This commercial quality cider kit makes 40 pints of refreshing Golden Sweet Cider at 6% ABV!

No additional sugar is required with this kit other than the small amount of priming sugar when being kegged/bottled (carbonation drops are a good option when bottling). We also recommend the use of Cider Clear finings to ensure that your cider is clear and that you have a cider that is commercial quality in appearance and taste! This drink is best served chilled and is a perfect for summer barbecue's and any other occasion all year round.

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