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Mangrove Jack's Rose Cider Kit

Mangrove Jack's

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Mangrove Jack's Rose Cider Kit
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Mangrove Jack's Rose Cider tastes of sweet apple and strawberry rounded off by floral and hibiscus notes that are contrasted nicely with subtle hints of oak.
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What is it?

Mangrove Jacks Rose Cider is a cider making kit, allowing you to make a delicious cider at home that is crisp and refreshing. Sweet apple and strawberry are rounded off by floral and hibiscus notes that are contrasted nicely with subtle hints of oak.

What are the characteristics of the cider?

This kit produces a sweet cider that is dark pink in colour, with a final alcohol content of 5.2% approx.

How much does it make?

This kit will produce 23 litres (5 gallons - 40 pints) of cider.

What's inside the packet?

Inside you will find two seperate compartments. The first has the cider mix (liquid side) and the other side (dry side) contains the cider yeast, dried fruits & flowers, oak chips and full instructions.

Do you need anything else?

To make this kit you will need to add 1Kg sugar at the start for the yeast to convert into alcohol. You will also need sugar or carbonation drops at the end of fermentation when the cider goes into a keg or bottles.

What equipment do you need?

To make this kit you will need the standard basic brewing equipment. This includes a fermenter (to ferment the cider), airlock to keep out the oxygen but allow gasses to escape),  sanitiser (to ensure that the equipment is clean and sanitised, spoon (to stir and mix the contents together).  Also recommended is a thermometer (to check the temperature of the cider as it ferments), hydrometer (to see if the cider has fermented out and all the sugars have converted into alcohol) and a syphon kit (to transfer the cider into bottles or a keg for serving, leaving the sediment behind in the fermenter.

Can you improve the cider?

By adding Pro Ferm+ Cider at the start, this will remove the chlorine and chloramine from the brewing water and also give the yeast enough nutrients for a healthy and good fermentation.


The yeast supplied contains sweeteners. If you want a dry cider, we recommend using the Harris Premium Cider Yeast instead of the one that is supplied.

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