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Coriander Seeds (50g)

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Coriander Seeds (50g)
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Whole coriander seeds are used in many Asian dishes. Also used in Belgian Witbier, crush and add to the boil in the last 5 minutes along with the bitter orange peel and chamomile flowers. Coriander seeds are also primarily responsible for the distinctive spicy and somewhat floral aroma in 80-90% of gins. 



Coriander seeds can be used in food, beer recipes and more commonly in gin recipes. Some gin makers even roast their coriander seeds before steeping, while others deliberately crush them to release their distinctive flavours.

There are two key components of coriander seeds; linalool (a type of alcohol) and alphapinene, the key ingredient in juniper, which is probably why the two ingredients blend perfectly together.

Coriander seeds are the most commonly used ingredients in gins after the juniper berry, and when distilled it's flavours become more complex, blossoming into a citrus, nutty and slightly spicy flavour.

All gins contain juniper berries as a base flavour. Additional ingredients are then added and infused into the gin to give it a unique flavour. 

The amount of coriander seeds added to your gin depends on how strong you want the flavour to be. The recommended amount of coriander seeds to infuse into gin is around 1-2 tablespoons per 750ml.

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