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Bairds Crushed Crystal Medium

Dark Rock Brewing

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Bairds Crushed Crystal Medium
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Crystal or Caramel malts have a distinctive toffee flavour, which becomes more intense as the colour is increased. Use a maximum of 20% of the grain weight.

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What Is It?

The classic British bodybuilder and a British invention. Unsurpassed in Bitter beers for adding a subtle sweetness to balance the customary high hop rate. Although there are many different colour grades, the most common is 130-150.


  • EBC: 130 - 150
  • Maximum moisture: 4.5%
  • Min. Dry Mass Extract (LDKdm): 275
  • Maximum percentage of 20% Approx


Crystal malt is produced in much the same manner as Carapils except that kilning is prolonged until the desired colour is reached. Crystal malts cover a wide range of colours but the usual level is around 130 EBC. We get into the delicious realms of complex toffee and burnt sugar but without the astringency of roasted malt. 


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