Ingredients to make one 70cl bottle of Liqueur:


500g (1lb) of ripe Damsons

One 70cl bottle of Gin (Your own Gin produced from an Airstill is ideal and saves you money).

500g (1lb) White Granulated Sugar




Slit each damson and remove the stone. Then If possible prick them with a fork. This will ensure a smooth rich flavour and will allow you to use the damsons later to make liqueur chocolates.


Half fill a Kilner jar or other wide glass necked jar/bottle with the stoned damsons. Shake the jar so that the damsons fall into place (allow enough space for the gin to be added).


Gently heat the Gin in a pan on the stove and pour over the sugar. Stir until dissolved and leave to cool.


Pour the gin/sugar solution into the jar and add more Damsons until the jar is full, then seal down. Shake the jar to mix the ingredients then store for a minimum of eight weeks, preferably in a dark and dry cupboard. Return and shake occasionally.


After a minimum of eight weeks strain the liqueur through a muslin bag taking care not to crush the damsons too much. The liqueur may then be strained through a filter paper to ensure that it is clear and bright before bottling.