The Gin infused Damsons that are strained from the liqueur make a delicious Christmas Chocolate Liqueur.


You will need:


An ice cube (or similar shaped) mould

Good quality Chocolate which will melt easily. (This may be white, milk or dark according to preference).

Gin infused Damsons from the Damson Gin



Break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a heat resistant bowl. Rest the bowl on a small saucepan of boiling water. The heat/steam will melt the chocolate as you stir.

Pour a small amount of melted chocolate into each of the moulds to cover the bottom. Then add one damson to each mould. Pour over more chocolate to completely cover the damsons.

Place the mould into a fridge to set the chocolates.

Once set they can be removed from the mould and placed into a box or sweet papers for display. The chocolates can also be dusted with cocoa or vanilla powder as a variation if required.