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Harris 7 Day Red - 5 Gallon


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Harris 7 Day Red - 5 Gallon
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Harris 7 day red is created with the same grape mix as in the famous Italian Red Chianti. Makes 5 gallon (30 bottles)

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This is a fast fermenting 7 day wine kit. The juice comes in a plastic bladder bag and also comes with yeast with nutrient, stabiliser and finings and full instructions. If you can maintain the correct temperatures, then this kit will ferment in 5 days, clear in one and is ready to drink by day 7. This kit makes 5 gallon (30 Bottles)


On the front of the black box is a perforated circle that can be pushed out. The cap on the juice bag can then be pushed through his hole and is held in place. You can then open the bag by pulling the ring tab and can pour the juice by holding the rigid box. This is a lot easier than trying to juggle with a polythene bag over a fermenter.