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Partial Mash World Heritage Range - Australian Sparkling Ale

Dark Rock Brewing

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Partial Mash World Heritage Range - Australian Sparkling Ale
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Dark Rock Australian Sparkling Ale is Australia’s original home-produced medium gold coloured ale. It has a soft clean aroma and high carbonation level. The ale has a medium maltiness and moderately high hop bitterness & flavours, provided by Citra, Cascade, and Ekuanot hops. Dark Rock Australian Sparkling Ale makes 40 pints of 5.0%% ABV ale.

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What is it?

Dark Rock Australian Sparkling Ale is a smooth well-balanced ale with a medium gold colour and a soft clean aroma. Sparkling Ale was Australia’s original beer style and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It has a medium maltiness with bready hints, provided by wheat malt and a smooth mouthfeel from Carapils. The ale has a moderately high hop bitterness and flavours, provided by Cascade, Citra, and Ekuanot hops. Dark Rock Australian Sparkling Ale makes 40 pints of 5.0% ABV ale. Although it can be kegged, this ale is characterised by a high carbonation level, so it is best served from bottles. It should be clear when poured, but traditionally Aussie bartenders will shake the yeast sediment and add this to the glass when serving chilled, to present a cloudy beer. In some bars the bottles are rolled around the bar a few times before being opened, to mix the sediment into the beer. Cloudy or clear, the choice is yours!

This partial mash kit makes 40 pints of the highest quality Australian Sparkling Ale. It is a step-up from standard kits, but simpler to make than an all grain full mash beer. To make this kit you will need standard brewing equipment plus a large saucepan (ideally holding at least 15 litres). To brew the kit simply steep the grains in water at 66C and then boil the hops in the saucepan. The hops are added at various stages throughout the boiling process. Hops added at the start of the boil give the beer the bitterness and those added at later stages will give the beer a delightful aroma.

Each Dark Rock kit is carefully researched and developed by commercial brewers with extensive knowledge and a passion for craft beers and real ales. New styles are always pilot tested by home brewers before being released into the market. Dark Rock Kits enable you to produce commercial quality beers, all within the comfort of your own home. Malts and hops are added at controlled stages of the brewing process to provide rich aromas and depths of flavour, which are simply not possible from standard hopped malt extract kits. This is the reason many brewers are moving from standard kits to partial mash. It is difficult to distinguish Dark Rock Partial Mash beers from all grain ales, and the brewing process is much faster and less complicated.

World Heritage Range

World Heritage Kits allow you to master your craft and brew beers which are close to classic styles from around the world. Iconic favourites and traditional styles sit alongside new emerging flavours from developing regions. No compromise has been made in developing the World Heritage Range. These beers are constantly being expanded as we explore the continents to find new and exciting flavours.

What Makes The Dark Rock Partial Mash Range So Special?

Most economy beer kits are supplied with 1.5kg of malt, or up to 1.8kg for standard kits. Many brewers now prefer to pay a little extra for boxed premium kits, which tend to include 3kg malt. The higher the malt content, the better the body and taste will be. You really do get what you pay for in this respect. Dark Rock Partial Mash kits contain a whopping 3.5kg of malt extract and that is without counting the malt grains! This puts them ahead of the pack in terms of malt content and gives the beer a massive quality advantage. Couple that with a really generous quantity of the freshest and best quality hops, and you have a beer which is pretty much impossible to beat without heading into all grain mashing territory. Even the most avid all grain aficionados supplement their stocks with Dark Rock Partial Mash beers. The reason they give is that the quality is right up there and the brewing time and complexities are greatly reduced.

What's Included?

  • 3.5kg Premium Brewery Quality Liquid Malt Extract
  • Genuine Brewer's Yeast Sachet
  • Malt Grains
  • Hop Pellets 
  • Pure Brew (water treatment and nutrient)
  • Britewort clarifier
  • Muslin straining bag
  • Starbrite Beer Finings (Vegan-Friendly)
  • Fermenter and keg ID stickers
  • Full instructions

Allergy Advice: May include barley and other cereals, containing gluten


  • Makes: 40 pints / 5 gallons
  • ABV Approx: 5.0%
  • Target Finishing Gravity: 1.012 (approx)
  • Fermentation time: 10-14 days approx
  • Conditioning time: 4 weeks minimum (it will mature further if left longer)

What Equipment Do You Need?

Basic beer making equipment (5g fermenter, airlock, syphon tube with sediment trap, hydrometer, Suresan sanitiser, bottles or barrel). These are available under the starter kit section on this website. You will also need a 15l stainless steel pan, and a thermometer (available on this website). 


A sachet of Pure Brew is included with this kit in order to achieve a commercial quality. Pure Brew is a professional beer enhancer. It feeds the yeast with essential nutrients, which supercharge the fermentation and support yeast development (even in limited oxygen conditions). Pure Brew also treats brewing water to eliminate problems caused by Chlorine and Chloramine (which can create a medicinal or as it is sometimes referred to, a "homebrew" taste) The condition of brewing water is critical to achieving optimum results but this important area is often overlooked. By using Pure Brew, you can effectively and easily condition brewing water, and maximise effective fermentation. We strongly recommend using Pure Brew with all of your beers to improve their quality.

The addition of beer finings will improve the final quality of your beers. Starbrite finings are included with this kit. They will help your beer to clear quickly and the sediment will be more likely to stay at the bottom of bottles or barrels. If you are using Corny Kegs then it is important to clear the beer as much as possible before kegging. Beer Finings will promote a faster and more efficient fall out of sediment and haze particles prior to kegging. Harris Starbrite is a highly effective vegan-friendly beer fining, which is rapidly becoming a firm favourite with home brewers. It is suitable for all beers. Australian Sparkling Ale can be served clear or shaken with the sediment for a cloudy alternative. Although the ale can be served from kegs it is recommended to bottle this ale to achieve the high carbonation levels which are synonymous with the style.

A muslin grain bag is included with this kit. You could consider investing in a metal hop spider to upgrade your equipment. The hop spider would sit inside your boiling pan and allow you to drop hops into the pan in a controlled way. Hop Spiders allow hops to boil with more free flow space around them. They are easily cleaned and can be re-used over and over again.