Wine & Beer Fermenter – 25 Litre


This fermenter has a silicone ring that ensures a fantastic seal around the cap. You can ferment wine, beer, cider or a spirit wash in this fermenter.

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Wine & Beer Fermenter - 25 LitreWine & Beer Fermenter – 25 Litre

What is it?

This is a food-grade plastic fermenter with a screw cap drilled to take a bung and airlock. This is the perfect size when fermenting up to 23 litres (5 gallons). The screw cap also has a silicone ring that ensure a fantastic seal around the cap. The Fermenter supplied might be printed differently – each supplier has their own print and colour scheme but they are all the same design.

How much does it hold?

The fermenter is graduated up to 22.5 litres (5 gallons). However, there is sufficient space above this mark for any fermentation foam or head to be easily held in the space. If you are making a 225 litre wine, beer or cider, this is teh perfect fermenter.

How do you ensure a good seal?

The threaded cap hold a silicone washer. This presses down on the fermenter to form an air tight seal. To ensure a really good seal, smear a lubricating jelly like Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly around the thread of the cap before tightening down. This also makes it easier to remove the cap when emptying the fermenter.

Can you fit a tap?

There is a space moulded into the fermenter, so if you want to fit a tap, you will need to drill a hole first.

What can you ferment?

The fermenter can be used to ferment beer, wine, cider or even a spirit wash.

What is the smallest volume I can ferment?

Due to the headspace, we would not recommend any volume below 4 gallons in the fermenter. For smaller quantities, we would advise using demijohns to ferment in.

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Wine & Beer Fermenter - 25 Litre
Wine & Beer Fermenter – 25 Litre