Light Liquid Malt Extract (Hopped) – 1.5Kg


Use as a base for lager or Pale Ale. Boost volume, add body, and maintain balanced malt taste for citrus and fruit flavors in all-grain or extract brews.

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Light Liquid Malt Extract (Hopped) – 1.5Kg

Our premium 1.5kg Hopped Light Liquid Malt Extract is expertly crafted to enhance your homebrewing experience. It eliminates the need for additional bittering hops during the brewing process.

It is sourced from the finest barley and expertly hopped for that perfect balance of bitterness and aroma.

With its convenient liquid form, you’ll experience seamless integration into your recipes, ensuring consistent results every time.

Are you a seasoned brewer? Are you just starting your brewing journey? Our Hopped Light Liquid Malt Extract is the ideal choice for creating delicious beers with a smooth, clean finish. It is great for all beer styles but perfect for lagers, pilsners, pale ales and light coloured pale ale recipes.

Use as a base in your own extract recipe or add to your beer kit to boost body and flavour. 

Craft your next masterpiece effortlessly with our Light Liquid Malt Extract (Hopped) – 1.5kg. Elevate your brewing experience to new heights. Cheers to great beer!



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Light Liquid Malt Extract (Hopped) – 1.5Kg