Muntons Connoisseurs Beer Making Homebrew Starter Kit

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The equipment required to brew your own Muntons Connoisseur beer at home. You will need to select a kit and also something to dispense from later.

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Basic Fermentation Starter Kit for Muntons Connoisseurs Beer Kits

Homebrew starter kitsThis is a starter kit that contains all the equipment needed to produce a 5 gallon batch of beer, wine or cider.

Kit contains:

  • 25 Litre bucket
  • LCD thermometer
  • Airlock
  • 250g Suresan No rinse steriliser
  • Syphon Tube
  • Flow Control Clip
  • 14″ Rigid Tube with sediment cup
  • Bucket Clip
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Hydrometer
  • Bag of Carbonation Drops
  • Sachet of Pure Brew
  • 10ml Starbrite Finings
  • 1Kg Brewing Sugar

Detailed list:

  • Suresan – A no-rinse sanitizer ensures that the equipment being used remains clean and sterile. You do not need to rinse this sanitiser out with water.
  • 25 litre bucket – large enough for a full 5 gallons with plenty of head space in case the contents froth during the ferment.
  • LCD Thermometer – A stick on thermometer to show you the current temperature of the contents inside the bucket.
  • Plastic spoon – allows the mixing of the contents easily and quickly.
  • Airlock – A bubbler airlock allows the release of fermenting gases while preventing air from entering the bucket.
  • Syphon tube – A food grade plastic tube that allows you to transfer the liquid from the bucket to another container.
  • Rigid tube with sediment cup – Allows the tube to rest on the bottom of the bucket, helping to reduce the carryover of sediment.
  • Bucket clip – keeps the syphon tube held in position, freeing up a hand.
  • Flow control clip – Allows you to start and stop the flow of liquid, great when filling bottles.
  • Hydrometer – Allows you to take readings to see if fermentation is complete
  • Carbonation Drops – to prime the bottles for a secondary fermentation.
  • Pure Brew – Yeast nutrient and water treatment sachet.
  • Starbrite – Finings to clear your lager. These finings are vegan friendly.
  • 1Kg Brewing Sugar – The yeast ferments the sugar to produce alcohol. This is required for this type of kit.

Do you require anything else?

This starter kit includes the equipment required to ferment your beer kit. You will need to select a kit and something to store your finished product in such as bottles or a keg.

Can you re-use the equipment.

Yes. The equipment will last for a very long time and will be in use for many years. You will need to replace the sanitizer when you have used up the contents, but careful maintenance should ensure that the equipment lasts for years.

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