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Designed for compatibility with standard PET bottle openings, our bottle caps are easy to apply and remove, making them convenient to use

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PET Bottle CapsPET Bottle Caps

The caps supplied with the PET bottles have a tamper-evident collar. This leads many brewers to assume that the caps are designed for single use only. NOT TRUE!!

The caps can be cleaned, sanitised, and reused many times over.

Although the PET bottle caps are reusable you may need to replace them due to loss or wear and tear. Simply remove the tamper-evident collar before fitting a new cap to a previously used PET bottle.

Our PET Bottle Caps are the perfect complement to your bottled creations. They provide a secure and reliable seal to preserve the freshness and flavor of your beverages. These bottle caps are crafted with precision and designed for convenience. They are essential for homebrewers, beverage enthusiasts, and anyone looking to store liquids in PET bottles.

Crafted from high-quality, food-grade materials, our PET bottle caps ensure the integrity of your beverages. The caps keep your beverages safe from contamination and oxidation. Their sturdy construction provides a tight and leak-proof seal. This allows you to store your liquids with confidence and peace of mind.

Designed for compatibility with standard PET bottle openings, our bottle caps are easy to apply and remove. This makes them convenient to use for all your bottling needs. Our PET bottle caps provide a hassle-free solution for preserving your beverages.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, our bottle caps allow you to customize the look of your bottled creations. This enables you to add a touch of personal flair to your homemade beverages. Do you prefer classic white caps or vibrant-colored caps to match your branding? We have options to suit every taste and preference.

Upgrade your bottling setup with our PET Bottle Caps and ensure the quality and freshness of your homemade beverages. With their reliable performance, easy application, and customizable options, these bottle caps are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re sharing your bottled creations with friends or enjoying them yourself.

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