Rakau T90 Hop Pellets (NZ) 9.6% Alpha – 2022 Crop


Rakau hops, native to New Zealand, feature distinct stone fruit and tropical flavours. Renowned for their versatility, they enhance various beer styles.

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Rakau T90 Hop Pellets (NZ)

Hop Pellets New Zealand’s Rakau, purpose-bred and selected for unique dual-purpose brewing qualities, stands out as a gem in the brewing world. Re-released from the NZ Hop breeding programme in 2007 for trials under organics and now widely established under conventional cultivation, it gives delightful, deep aromas of passionfruit, apricot and other stone fruits along with notes of pine. Rakau has an intensity of aroma unlike many other hops, lifted from a heavy weight of oils. Brewers are agreed that the dominant fruitiness is that of fresh stone fruit such as apricot, with sensory panels scoring it highly on bitterness quality as well as unique fruity flavours and aromas, once described as “The whole orchard”.

Rakau, with its high myrcene concentration, beautifully complements dry-hopped American Pale Ales. Rakau thrives in brewing New World ales and lagers that demand intense fruity characters and bold bitterness. It can also be readily used delicately for lighter styles, even with multiple kettle additions… a real treat is to test these experiences out for yourself and make something unique and delicious.


Alpha Acids: 9-12%
Beta Acids: 2.6-4.8%
Purpose: Bittering & Aroma
Total Oils: 2.2 ml/100g


Pale Ale, Lager


Passionfruit, Pine, Apricot, Stone Fruit


If Rakau is not available, then a good substitute is Amarillo.


Producers manufacture T-90 hop pellets by hammer-milling kiln-dried, whole leaf hop cones into a uniform powder and subsequently pressing them through a pellet die. Leaf hops vary in oil and vegetative content, so brewers fine-tune pellet compression to achieve a consistent density for repeatable brewing, batch after batch.

The production processes are designed to safeguard and preserve hop resins by consistently monitoring temperature and cooling the pellet die. Hop pellets preserve all of their natural lupulin and cone material, making them a suitable full replacement for whole hops. They offer a longer shelf life, require less storage space, and are generally easier to handle.


We weigh all hops only when there is an order for them – none have been sitting of shelves, they are taken out from a bulk vacuum sealed bag in cold storage at the time we complete your order. Our hop pellets are packaged inside UV protected polyethylene bags and vacuum sealed.

Sometimes the vacuum seal can degrade – especially if hop dust settles alongside where the bag is heat sealed. If you receive the hops and it appears that the vacuum is breaking down, the hops will still be perfectly safe to use with no degradation of flavour. If you do not intend to use then in a few days of receiving, we suggest that you store them in a fridge or freezer. Hop pellets stored near-freezing, preferably between -1°C and 5°C. Under these conditions, T-90 hop pellets will remain stable in closed containers for three (3) years.

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Rakau T90 Hop Pellets (NZ) 9.6% Alpha – 2022 Crop