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Designed for stainless steel fermenting vessels, the Tilt repeater extends range of your Tilt hydrometer so it can reach more convenient locations where you might have a tablet, phone, or Tilt Pi plugged in for continuous automatic logging.

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After six months of testing, the Tilt repeater is finally available for purchase. We have been testing with stainless steel fermenters and kegs with great success. The repeater can be placed inside a refrigerator along with a keg or fermenter to push the signal out to phones, tablets, and Raspberry Pi logging solutions. Instructions for use are as follows:

  1. Unscrew caps on each end the plastic enclosure. Gently push out electronics assembly.
  2. Using the colour key located on the battery holder, press the button repeatedly to select the desired Tilt hydrometer colour to repeat. For example press the button once to repeat a red Tilt or twice to repeat a green Tilt. To turn the repeater off, press the button repeatedly until the LED blinks red.
  3. Confirm desired colour selected by opening the Tilt app and verifying selected colour shows an initial specific gravity of 0.000 and temperature of 0°F (-17.8°C). Once the repeater connects (indicated by periodic green LED flash) it will show the actual repeated values.
  4. Return assembly to tube and screw caps back on. Place repeater as close as possible to Tilt hydrometer (but still outside fermenter) and verify green LED flashes indicating a connection.

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