Vinometer – Alcohol Test for Wine


A simple device to test the strength of dry wines. Please note that this is not a scientific instrument and is used as a guide only.

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VinometerA Vinometer is a simple device to give you a reading of how strong your finished wine is.


  • Hold it with the glass cup uppermost.
  • Pour a little wine into the cup.
  • Wait for the wine to drip from the pointed end. Ensure no air bubbles break the thin line of wine in the glass tube. If unsure, suck the wine through the tube’s pointed end.”
  • Cover this pointed end with your finger and turn the Vinometer upside down.
  • Hold the Vinometer at eye level and remove your finger from the end. The level of the wine will immediately descends in the tube. Take a reading as soon as it stops.
  • Repeat the test 2-3 times to confirm.


If you test a very SWEET wine or a wine that has not been filtered, you may obtain an inaccurate result. Clear cloudy wines before taking a reading. Dilute sweet wines with EXACTLY the same amount of water and double the result obtained.

Add a few drops of colouring to a small quantity of the white wine you’re testing to make readings easier. Before putting the Vinometer away, rinse it with warm water.

Do not let the wine dry in the tube or it will become obstructed, however it can be cleared CAREFULLY with 5 amp fuse wire.

This is not a scientific instrument, so take all readings as approximate.

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