Warminster – Crushed Maltings Gold (Floor Malted)


This is the darkest specialty malt we make at Warminster, a fraction darker than Munich. We can achieve this without hardly compromising enzymic activity.

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Warminster Floor Malted Maltings Gold

Warminster - Crushed Maltings Gold (Floor Malted)This is the darkest specialty malt we make at Warminster, a fraction darker than Munich. Again, we can achieve this without hardly compromising enzymic activity, whilst delivering those pronounced sweet/nutty notes.

Which Speciality Malt Should I Use?

This range of malts undergoes higher kilning, gently imparting flavor and color to beers. Importantly, they do this without compromising their enzymic activity. They also enhance the body of beers and improve head retention and mouthfeel.

Warminster Malts, Their Characteristics And Contribution.

Here at Warminster Maltings, creating our malts the very traditional way, we offer 4 speciality malts, all with quite individual characteristics and flavours, which make them a compelling addition to the mash for Craft Brewers, both big and small. 

All of our Speciality Malts are also stringently monitored from ‘ex farm’ barley selection through to final analysis. Again, provenance is guaranteed, and customers can expect all deliveries to be perfectly fresh.

Floor Made – More Natural, More Sustainable

Like all food processing, slower is better. Our maltings were designed to follow gentle procedures, allowing for the optimum expression of the barley’s properties. Our germination floors are the perfect environment to optimize the ‘modification’ of the barley’s starch into the sugary substance called maltose.

Water comes from our own well, sunk deep below the malthouse into the chalk substrata. The temperature of this water is a stable 52F, winter and summer alike, perfect for the first stage of the malting process. Steeping the barley in water over 3 days is critical to triggering germination, the next stage in the process.

Ventilation and temperature control of the germination floors is vital to the ‘modification’ of the ‘green malt’. We work with the ambient temperatures, closing the window shutters when it is cold, and opening them when it is warm. The layout of the malthouses with its central wedge-shaped courtyard is a blueprint of the classic Victorian maltings. The complex was designed to exploit nature’s elements for its intended purpose.

Despite the prevalence of advanced technology, the passage of the green malt through the process still heavily relies on manpower rather than fossil fuels. Simultaneously, the maltsters are consistently equipped with a malt shovel, navigating through the stages from steep to kiln. Additionally, other hand tools such as malt plows, turners, and levelers contribute to the comprehensive inventory of processing aids.At Warminster, manpower is one of our most valuable, versatile, and sustainable resources. It is why our customers refer to our team as “the Malt-Stars of Warminster”.

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