Weyermann – Crushed Beech Smoked Barley Malt


Weyermann Beech Smoked malt is made from the finest German quality brewing barley malted in Bamberg, the capital of smoked beers.

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Weyermann – Crushed Beech Smoked Barley Malt

Weyermann Beech Smoked malt is made from the finest German quality brewing barley malted in Bamberg, the capital of smoked beers. The strong beech wood smoke gives this malt its unmistakable flavour, hence being the ideal ingredient to perfect any aroma-intensive beer style.

Depending on the amount of smoking, the malt can be used in 100% of the mash, as some Bamberg brewers or used as a flavouring malt in the 10-30% range. Imparts a distinct smoked character to the beer. Rauchbiers should be based on Marzen recipes and adjusted using Rauchmalt, which shifts the colour from amber to dark amber or light porter. Smoked malt may be steeped.

Main Styles:

  • Rauchbier
  • Marzen
  • Scottish Ales
  • Bock Bier
  • Helles

Technical information:

Smoked Malt (Rauchmalt) is the base malt for smoked lagers or ales. The most common use of smoked malt, however, is not for beer, but for whisky, especially Scotch. Many traditional Scottish distilleries rely on peat-smoked malt for their mashes. Whisky malt is usually dried and cured in peat-fuelled, direct-fired kilns. Because peated malt tends to be somewhat acrid, it is rarely used in brewing.

When it is used, it is never a base malt but is only added to the grist in fairly small quantities, just to add flavour and complexity. Smoked malt for brewing—often referred to by its German name of Rauchmalz—is usually based on two-row spring barley and is invariably smoked over hardwood. Softer woods, such as pine, are too resinous to produce a pleasant-tasting smoke. The classic beer style using smoked malt is Rauchbier, a medieval lager that may be brewed to varying strengths. 

4-7 EBC 

2.03-3.55 L


Weyermann® began the production of high-quality malts and malt derived products in Bamberg over 140 years ago. Nowadays Weyermann® Specialty Malts is the world market leader in the manufacturing of caramel- and roasting malts with a portfolio of over 90 different products. Weyermann® Specialty Malts influence the colour and taste of more than 60,000 beers in 135 countries on all continents. The red and yellow Weyermann® logo has become an epitome of excellent malt produced in Germany, for both brewers and beer connoisseurs all over the world. Ranging from very large breweries to home brewers, our customers represent the diverse brewing industry.


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Weyermann – Crushed Beech Smoked Barley Malt