Weyermann Sinamar – Liquid Malt Extract


Weyermann Sinamar is used for color correction, color adjustment and color intensification in your homebrew.  Use 5 ml to darken 5 gallon of beer by 1 EBC.

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Weyermann Sinamar – Liquid Malt Extract

Roasted malts entirely produce Weyermann Sinamar, a roasted malt beer. To achieve high colour intensity and extract content, a vacuum gently concentrates Sinamar at temperatures of 70 – 75°C. A natural process then de-bitters and filters the extract, which remains very pH stable. Weyermann Sinamar does not contain fermentable sugars or alcohol.

When to add Sinamar

The application of Sinamar is extremely user-friendly: the dosage is possible during the complete brewing process from the brewhouse to bottling.

Dose rate

Use 5 ml of the Sinamar extract to darken 5 gallon (23 litres) of beer or wort by 1 EBC. Weyermann Sinamar is gluten free and is ideal for colour correction, colour adjustment and colour intensification up to +90 EBC in a wide range of beer styles.

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Weyermann Sinamar – Liquid Malt Extract