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Weyermann Schlotfegerla (All Grain Recipe)

Weyermann Schlotfegerla (All Grain Recipe)

Brew time:

4 hours

Maturation :

21 days minimum


23 Litres / 40 Pints


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  • 2.2Kg of Weyermann Munich Malt Type 2
  • 1.9Kg of Weyermann Beech Smoked Barley Malt
  • 450g of Weyermann CARAMUNICH® Type 2
  • 150g of Weyermann CARAHELL®
  • 150g of Weyermann CARAFA® Special Type 1
  • 25g of Perle Hops
  • 25g of Tettnanger Hops
  • Weyermann Sinamar
  • Saflager S-23 yeast
  • Harris Pure Brew
  • Harris Starbrite Beer Finings
  • Harris Brite Wort
  • Brew Fizz Carbonation Drops


Weyermann Schlotfegerla® is a full-bodied, dark smoke beer. The fine beechwood-smoky notes combined with the aroma of espresso, honey and caramel inviting you to take your first sip. On the tongue it impresses with pronounced notes of malt reminiscent of dark chocolate and bread crust. Together with the fine smoky impressions it becomes a harmonious, characterful beer that goes well with a variety of meats and ham.

ABV: 5.2%

Original Gravity: 1052

Target Final Gravity: 1012

Bitterness units: 29 IBU


Heat 15 litres of water to around 145°F (63°C). Add the crushed grains to the water and stir well to ensure there are no dry clumps and rest for 45 minutes. Heat up to 154°F (68°C) and rest for 5 minutes. Heat up to 162°F (72°C) and rest for 20 minutes. Mash out at 172°F (78°C) for 10 minutes.


After the mashing process, heat another 15 litres of water to around 170°F (77°C). Slowly pour this hot water over the mashed grains to rinse out the sugars. Collect the liquid (wort) in your brew kettle. Take time over this process. Imagine the malt grains as upturned umbrellas. You are aiming to gently rinse out the sugars (sweet wort) and hold back any unconverted starch. 

Boil / Hop Additions

Bring the wort to the boil and set timer for 60 minutes. Once boiling, add the bittering hops (25g of Perle) and leave for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes add the aroma hops (25g of Tettnanger), 1/2 a Brite Wort tablet and 30g of Weyermann Sinamar and continue boiling for a further 10 minutes.


Once the 60 minute boil is complete, cool the wort as rapidly as possible to around 70-75°F (21-24°C). You can use an immersion chiller or an ice bath to speed up the process. 


Transfer the cooled wort to a sanitised fermenter. Pitch the sachet of Saflager S-23 yeast and Pure Brew into the fermenter. Stir vigorously with a beer paddle for 2 minutes to oxygenate the wort, then seal it with a lid and airlock. Place the fermenter in a cool, dark place with a stable temperature of 53-64°F (12-18°C). Allow the beer to ferment for about 10-14 days. During this time, the yeast will convert the sugars into alcohol. Once the airlock stops bubbling and a hydrometer reading of around 1.012 is achieved the fermentation will have finished. At this point add Starbrite finings to ensure your final beer is clear.     


After primary fermentation is complete transfer the beer to sanitised bottles using a syphon tube or bottling stick. Add one Brew Fizz Carbonation Drop to each bottle, then cap the bottles. 


Store the bottles in a warm place (around 70°F/21°C) for 7 days to carbonate. Then, move the bottles to a cooler place for another week or two to condition. 

About Weyermann

Weyermann® began the production of high-quality malts and malt derived products in Bamberg over 140 years ago. Nowadays Weyermann® Specialty Malts is the world market leader in the manufacturing of caramel and roasting malts with a portfolio of over 90 different products. Weyermann® Specialty Malts influence the colour and taste of more than 60,000 beers in 135 countries on all continents. The red and yellow Weyermann® logo has become an epitome of excellent malt produced in Germany, for both brewers and beer connoisseurs all over the world. Ranging from very large breweries to home brewers, our customers represent the diverse brewing industry.


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