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Top Shelf Summer Cup Flavouring

Still Spirits

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Top Shelf Summer Cup Flavouring
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A refreshing summer drink with delicate citrus and herbal flavours. 

Commercial equivalent: Pimm's

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Summer cup is the equivalent flavour to Pimm's and goes well with lemonade or sparkling water with lots of ice and fresh mint! The perfect summer refresher.

Makes 2.25 litres (3 x 750ml bottles).

Mix the bottle with 100g sugar and 1.4 litres of 40% abv spirit. Top up to 2.25 litres with water and stir to dissolve.

To make a single bottle, mix 1/3 bottle (16.6ml) with 33g sugar and 467ml of 40% spirit. Top up to 750ml with water and stir to dissolve.

The equipment you will need to make a spirit includes basic brewing equipment, which can be found in the 'Starter kits' section of our website. You will also need either a Still to distil your alcohol from a spirit wash (highly recommended), or you will need a high alcohol kit, which can both be found in the 'Spirits' section of our website. There are two choices of stills on our website; the AirStill and the T500 still.

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