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Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum Flavouring

Still Spirits

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Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum Flavouring
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A delicious rum with flavours of rich burnt sugar and American Oak that is not as sweet as the Classic Premium Queensland Gold Rum.

Commercial equivalent: Bundaberg rum

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Makes 2.25 litres (3 x 750ml bottles).

Either add the whole bottle directly to 2.25 litres of 40% spirit or add a third of the bottle (16.5ml approx) to a 750ml bottle of 40% spirit.

The equipment you will need to make a spirit includes basic brewing equipment, which can be found in the 'Starter kits' section of our website. You will also need either a Still to distill your alcohol from a spirit wash (highly recommended), or you will need a high alcohol kit, which can both be found in the 'Spirits' section of our website. There are two choices of stills on our website; the AirStill and the T500 still. 

How to make a spirit wash using an air still:

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