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Vinbrite Support Disc

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Vinbrite Support Disc
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Replacement Support Disc for the Vinbrite Filter Kit.
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This is a replacement Support Disc for use with the Vinbrite Mk3 Filter Kit.

How do you assemble the Support Disc in the Vinbrite Filter Kit?

The support disc has 2 sides, side A and side B. The letters are printed on the central large plastic section of the Support Disc. Side A also has a ridge that goes around the edge of the Support Disc. Side A faces the filter pad. This is important as the ridge grips the pad and secures it in the housing.

What does the Support Disc do?

The main purpose of the Support Disc is to support the pad. If the Support Disc was not used, the weight and pressure of the wine in the Vinbrite Top Body would cause the pad to buckle between the ridges of the locking ring, and this could even tear the pad completely. The Support Disc allows the pressure from the wine to be distributed evenly, so there will be no ruptures on the pad surface.

Do you need the Support Disc with all pads?

The Support Disc is needed for both the Crystalbrite Pads and the Prime Pads. These pads when wet will bend, so the Support Disc is needed to protect the pad. The Filtabrite pad is a lot thicker, and can support the weight of the wine without a Support Disc. When using Filtabrite pads, you do not need to use the Support Disc.


Do not use a strong sodium metabisulphite or campden tablet solution to sterilise the Support Disc. The sulphite can attack the plastic causing it to go brittle and crack. Only use mild sulphite, or better still, use a sterilising or sanitising agent that does not contain sulphite.

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