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Winexpert Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna White - 5 Gallon


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Winexpert Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna White - 5 Gallon
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Wine Expert Vintners Reserve  Mezza Luna White is a superior "great white"  full of fruit flavours and aromas. It is a medium bodied, off dry, white wine, great to sip on its own.

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What is it?

Wine Expert, World Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna White is a superior wine kit which requires no added sugar (all of the sugar content is contained within the grape juice).  Everything you need to make this wine is included with the kit except water. This wine can be drunk after 28 days but we highly recommend that you leave it to mature for around 3 months to experience the quality, it will keep improving with age up to 12 months.  This kit will make 5 gallons (22.5 litres) of wine which will produce around  30 bottles of delicious wine. 

The Wine Expert Range is extremely popular and is amongst the best quality 5 gallon wine kits available on the market. it is definitely worth paying the small amount extra for this kit, you will be rewarded with the superb quality.

 What is Mezza Luna White?

Mezza Luna White wine ("Half Moon") is the flagship white wine of the Vintners Reserve line, it is bursting with big fruit flavours and aromas. It is a medium bodied, off-dry wine with just enough oak flavour to balance the strong fruit flavours. Mezza Luna White wine is big, lush and golden. It is excellent to sip on its own.

What’s included?

  • A 10-litre pouch of Mezza Luna White style grape concentrate
  • Sachet of yeast
  • A sachet of wine stabiliser to end the fermenting process
  • A sachet of  wine finings to clear the wine
  • Full instructions

What equipment do you need?

Basic 5 gallon winemaking equipment, for example, a plastic bucket or fermenter, bung, airlock and sterilizer. You will find these under the starter kit section of this website

Food Pairing

Mezza Luna White wine pairs with seafood dishes, pasta and chicken. This is medium bodied wine is great with most cheddar and soft goats cheeses.


We recommend using a Vinbrite filter to clear the wine to a professional standard.