About Dark Rock Brewing

About us

Launching in 2016 with a new range of All Grain, Part Grain & Malt Extract Beer Kits, Dark Rock has quickly grown to become a market leader. We’ve already earned a reputation for high quality and exciting new flavour beer kits.

James Harris opened Dark Rock Brewing in 2016. You may recognise the name because James’ is a 3rd generation brewer from the trusted Harris Homecraft family.

Dark Rock Brewing supplies brewing equipment and a range of innovative products for home brewers and commercial craft breweries (UK and Internationally). Our beer ranges are also complimented by a range of wine, cider and distilling products.

Our Mission statement

Our Mission Statement is simple:
help our customers make great homebrew, with the highest quality products, the best advice and excellent customer service.

Our team

All staff are experienced in brewing, both from a homebrew and commercial perspective and we’ve been involved in brewing since 1971. We’re proud to have a reputation for technical expertise and we’re happy to share our knowledge with brewing enthusiasts that need our help.

Our products

We’re serious about homebrew and only want to bring the best to market. That’s why our product development process always includes testing with a large group of home brewers and we’ll never release a product that doesn’t meet our high standards.

Our family of products continues to expand, and we offer a wide variety of the freshest hops and malts in addition to our award-winning beer kits, yeasts, and chemical products.

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