Our commitment

We take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. We care about our impact on the world around us, working hard to do everything we can to minimise our effect on the environment and have a positive impact where we can.

We’re committed to leaving our planet with less pollution for the next generation of brewers.


Recycled boxes

You may notice some of your deliveries arrive in recycled packaging – this is not an accident! We researched the many different ways we could reduce our carbon footprint and found that cardboard and paper create 0.94kg of carbon emissions per 1kg of packaging produced. That seems like a lot of carbon for a box you’re going to compost or recycle.

That’s why we’re working with local care homes to save as many useful boxes from the recycling bin (at least for now). This has helped us minimise the amount of new cardboard packaging we need to get your delivery to you safely by around 70%.

Paper packing materials

To keep your order safe in transit – we use paper packing material, eco-friendly tape and all of our Dark Rock boxes are made from recyclable cardboard too.


We’re working hard to reduce the amount of plastic in our products but there are times when a paper alternative is just not up to the job. Where we do have to use plastic (like on our vacuum-packed hops) we’re trying our best to make sure that the pouches we use are as environmentally friendly as possible and aim for our packaging to be 100% recyclable by 2025.

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