Dark Rock Part Grain kits

Easy to make beer kits

If you are looking to brew the very best beers but do not have the time or equipment for All Grain brewing, then Dark Rock Part Grain Kits are the perfect solution.

They combine the highest quality commercial-grade malt extract, with fresh grains and hops to produce beers to rival commercial craft beers at a fraction of the price.

Meet the Part Grain beer kit Range

Dark Rock Alpine Amber Ale - Part Grain

About the Part Grain Kits

These Part Grain kits uphold a commitment to quality without compromise. They contain 3kg of the finest quality malt extract, matched with grains and a blend of hops to achieve results that no other beer kit can offer.

The kits include premium yeast, Pure Brew (for healthy fermentation and conditioned water), Finings, and Britewort (excluding hazy NEIPA styles). The kit includes a pump/fermenter sticker and muslin bag. You only need to add water from your end.

Part Grain kits only take a little longer to make than standard beer kits and you will just need a 10-15 litre saucepan and thermometer on top of basic brewing equipment. The extra hour required to brew these kits is a small sacrifice for the superb quality of beer you will produce.

Dark Rock Part Grain Kits are in a league of their own and give awesome results time after time. They constantly receive fantastic feedback from customers and each box provides everything you need to create your own delicious, high-quality beer right in the comfort of your home. A broad array of categorized styles is available, including:

Our All Grain Beer Kit Range

World Heritage Series

Using international hops and malts allows brewers to craft the most popular styles worldwide.

image/svg+xml Great British Series

Celebrating all things British! This range sources the finest hops and malts from British suppliers.

SMASH Series

Using single malt and single hops allows brewers to understand the distinct flavours each individual hop imparts.

Bohemian Series

Experiment with styles and flavours with our bohemian series. Bring out your creative side.

Tribute Series

This range pays homage to some of the finest commercial Ales in the UK.

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