Unlock the world of craft beer brewing

Dark Rock All Grain Beer Kits are the most comprehensive kits on the market and give consistently awesome results. They constantly receive fantastic feedback from customers as they provide everything you need to create your own delicious, high-quality beer right in the comfort of your home.

All grain beer kits give you a complete brewing experience: Yes, they need more time to brew, and you will need some technical equipment to make them, such as a Grainfather all-in-one brewing machine but the results will be stunning.

The best ingredients

Great beer starts with great ingredients – that’s why we source only the finest grains, hops, and yeast from trusted suppliers. We ensure that each component meets our rigorous standards to guarantee the best possible brewing results.

Our kits are meticulously prepared to offer a comprehensive brewing experience, matching carefully selected grains and hops to yeast strains that enhance the flavour profile.

Each kit has passed a rigorous testing process before being launched to ensure you have everything you need to produce exceptional beer, time and time again.

Made to order for freshness

We do not carry stock of All Grain beer kits. Each kit is made to order so you can be sure of receiving the freshest ingredients, which have been stored in temperature-controlled conditions.

Beer variety samples on a wooden board

An expert beer kit that’s easy to make

Detailed Instructions are included with each kit, and we have aligned them with the Grainfather system for simplicity. After all, brewing beer should be an enjoyable and straightforward process. Our step-by-step instructions guide you through each stage of the brewing process, making it easy for you to create every batch of beer with confidence.

Experiment with confidence

We encourage experimentation and creativity in brewing. Our kits serve as a solid foundation, allowing you to add your personal touch by customising recipes, trying different yeast combinations, or even experimenting with fruit and spice additions. The possibilities are endless, and our Bohemian series and regular limited editions give you the freedom to explore and create unique flavours.

Everything you need is included

Dark Rock All Grain Kits do not compromise on quality, yet still achieve exceptional value: They are supplied with everything you need to produce great beer every time, including Pure Brew (to ensure a healthy fermentation and conditioned water), Britewort, and Beer Finings (except hazy NEIPA styles). They even include a fermenter/ keg sticker.

Are you ready to elevate your brewing journey to the next level? Then explore our range of all-grain home brew kits and find the perfect one for you. Whether you prefer light and crisp lagers, hop-forward IPAs, or robust stouts, we have a kit to suit your taste preferences. Join the ever-growing community of all-grain brewers and experience the satisfaction of creating your own exceptional beer which is equal to the best commercial craft beers at a fraction of the price.

Our All Grain Beer Kit Range

World Heritage Series

Using international hops and malts allows brewers to craft the most popular styles worldwide.

image/svg+xml Great British Series

Celebrating all things British! This range sources the finest hops and malts from British suppliers.

SMASH Series

Single malt and single hops are used so brewers can learn the distinct flavour which individual hops will provide.

Bohemian Series

Experiment with styles and flavours with our bohemian series. Bring out your creative side.

Tribute Series

This range pays homage to some of the finest commercial Ales in the UK.

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