Artisan Mead Making Kit and Products

Today, mead is once again being enjoyed by a new generation of enthusiasts. Its rich history and unique taste have captivated the palates of connoisseurs and the curious alike. From traditional meads made solely from honey to creative concoctions infused with fruits, spices, and herbs, the possibilities are endless.

We have a comprehensive product portfolio designed with mead in mind, to enable you to start you the art of making mead.

Why not read our blog on mead making to help start you off on this fascinating journey.

Getting Started

We have put together a comprehensive Artisan Mead Making Kit that includes everything (apart from water and honey) to make your first few batches of mead. We have also included a full list of recipes so that you can try different styles of mead, as well as a special spice blend to make Metheglin.

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