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Online Calculators for spirit dilution and alcohol of beer, wine and cider

Use the simple and quick calculators below, you feed in the readings, we work out the results.

Spirit Dilution Calculator

When making spirits, the % abv that you produce will probably be higher than you want it to be, therefore you will need to add water to dilute the alcohol to the desired level. The calculator below will enable you to easily work out how much water you need to add to dilute the spirit to the correct level. Enter the amount of alcohol collected, the strength and the %abv that you want, then click the calculate button to work out how much water you need to add. You can select either litres, ml or pints.

Dilute of % alcohol
down to %
By adding Water


If you would like to make only a certain volume from your undiluted spirit, please use the calculator below. All measurements are UK based imperial and metric.

To make of % alcohol
using % alcohol
Use of Alcohol    
and of Water

% Brewing ABV Calculator

An accurate way to determining the alcohol content of your beer, wine or cider is to use a hydrometer. You will need to take a reading at the very start before adding the yeast, and at the very end when the wine has completely finished and ready to bottle. This calculator is designed to be as simple to use as possible and does not take into effect the temperature of the liquid.  To calculate the % abv of your wine, you will need a starting gravity and a final gravity, to take this reading you will need a hydrometer. When taking a reading, please do not put in the decimal point for an accurate reading (eg 990, 1000, 1045, 1085, 1100 etc). Feed in the gravity and press the calculate button.

Starting Gravilty: 
Final Gravity: 
% Alcohol