Dark Rock Session Series

Easy to make beer kits

The Dark Rock Session Series range of beer kits has been designed to simplify the brewing process without compromising on quality.

Great for beginners and experienced brewers alike – our kits allow you to produce 40 pints of delicious craft beer with basic brewing equipment and 1kg of sugar.

The Session Series provides a great foundation for you to explore and discover a wide range of hop flavours and aromas.

Meet the Session Series Range

About the Session Series Kits

Enhance your home brewing experience with the highest quality single-can beer kits available on the market.

Each Session Series kit contains premium hopped malt extract carefully combined with a blend of the latest hop varieties from around the globe. The result is a collection of flavourful craft beers with enticing aromas.

These kits also come with yeast, hop boost, and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable brewing experience every time.

These kits are extremely easy to make, and they clear and mature quickly. Within a month, you can go from fermenter to glass, producing commercial-quality results. We constantly collaborate with hop suppliers to experiment and introduce the latest varieties for home brewers to enjoy.

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