CO2 Regulator

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The connection to your barrels uses a barbed outlet, however, this can be unscrewed and you can then fit a threaded connector instead.

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CO2 RegulatorCO2 Regulator

The CO2 regulator is an essential component for controlling gas pressure in various applications. Whether you’re a home brewer, aquarium enthusiast, or industrial user, this device ensures precise pressure control across a wide range of gases and cylinders.

Key Features:

  • Pressure Control: The regulator allows you to adjust and maintain the desired pressure for CO2, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Safety: Purpose-built for safety, it regulates high-pressure CO2 from the cylinder to a lower, usable pressure.
  • Application: Used in home brewing, aquarium CO2 systems, welding, and other industrial processes.
  • Variety: Available in single-stage and multi-stage configurations, suitable for different flow rates and gases.

Whether you’re carbonating beverages, enhancing plant growth, or powering industrial equipment, the CO2 regulator provides reliable pressure management. Improve your experience with precise control! 🌬️🔧

This regulator is made of high quality machined brass body and is ideal for dispensing as it has an output gauge with small PSI increments making setting your gauge simple. The regulator has a large body for high flow rates and comes with a precision diaphragm for more accurate adjustment.

The thread will fit a standard CO2 large gas bottle similar to pub-style gas. You can unscrew the barbed outlet connection to your barrels and replace it with a threaded connector.

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CO2 Regulator
CO2 Regulator
Original price was: £44.95.Current price is: £39.99.