Demijohn Safety Cork


The safety cork will allow any excess CO2 pressure to be released and at the same time it will prevent air contact with your wine to avoid oxidation.

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Demijohn Safety CorkDemijohn Safety Cork

For glass demijohns or 5-gallon wine fermenters.

Our Demijohn Safety Cork is a reliable solution for securely sealing your fermenting vessels with peace of mind. Crafted with quality and designed for safety, this safety cork is an essential accessory for homebrewers and fermenting enthusiasts seeking to safeguard their precious brews during fermentation and aging.

Crafted from high-grade, food-safe materials, our safety cork ensures the purity and integrity of your fermenting liquids throughout the entire process. Its durable construction provides a tight and secure seal, preventing any leaks or contamination, so you can ferment with confidence knowing your brews are protected.

Equipped with a specially designed venting mechanism, our safety cork allows for the release of excess pressure that may build up during fermentation, reducing the risk of explosions or other accidents. This feature ensures a safe and controlled fermentation environment, giving you peace of mind while your brews work their magic.

Designed for compatibility with standard demijohn openings, our safety cork is easy to install and remove, making it convenient to use for both novice and experienced fermenters alike. Whether you’re fermenting wine, beer, cider, or any other delicious concoction, our safety cork provides the perfect sealing solution for your fermenting vessel.

Upgrade your fermenting setup with our Demijohn Safety Cork and protect your brews with confidence. With its reliable performance and peace-of-mind features, this safety cork is the perfect addition to any homebrewer’s toolkit, ensuring a safe and successful fermentation process from start to finish.

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Demijohn Safety Cork
Demijohn Safety Cork