Easy Start Automatic Syphon – Small


Small easy start syphon for use with 1g fermenters. Lift the middle tube and push it down to start the flow.

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Easy Start Automatic Syphon – Small

Easy Start Automatic Syphon - SmallEasy Start automatic syphon for use in 5 litre (1 gallon) fermenters.

Place the syphon in the liquid, pull the middle tube upwards then push it down to start the syphon action.

33cm in length.

How to use in detail

Assemble the Components:

Ensure that all the components of the automatic siphon are clean and sanitized.

The basic components typically include a racking cane, tubing, and a pump mechanism.

Attach Tubing:

Attach one end of the tubing to the outlet or racking cane of the automatic siphon.

Submerge in Liquid:

Submerge the racking cane or the bottom end of the siphon in the liquid you want to transfer.

Start the Siphon:

Operate the pump mechanism. This may involve pumping or pressing a button to start the siphon action.

The siphon will initiate, drawing the liquid up through the tubing.

Monitor Flow:

Keep an eye on the liquid flow as it moves through the tubing. Adjust the pump mechanism if needed to maintain a steady flow.

Direct the Flow:

Direct the other end of the tubing to the desired container or vessel where you want the liquid to be transferred.

Finish the Transfer:

Once the liquid has been transferred, stop the pump mechanism or lift the racking cane out of the liquid to stop the flow.

Clean and Store:

Disassemble the siphon and clean all components thoroughly. Store in a dry place


Ensure that the container receiving the liquid is lower than the source to facilitate the siphoning process.

Avoid introducing air bubbles into the tubing, as they can disrupt the siphon flow.

Practice proper sanitation to prevent contamination of the liquids being transferred.


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