Harris 15cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)


15cm Filter Papers for use with the Vinbrite Filter Kit. These fit between the filter pad and the locking ring and trap loose fibres.

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Harris 15cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)Harris 15cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)

The 15cm Vinpapers are used with the Vinbrite Filter Kit. They fit between the pad and the Locking Ring, and trap any loose material from entering the wine.

Do they clear a wine?

No. The Vinpapers are only used to trap particles from the pad migrating into the wine. They will not clear a wine

Can the Vinbrite work without the paper?

Yes. If you perform the Pad Rinse, by first rinsing the pad through a filtration cycle with 2 litres of water, this will flush the pad and remove any loose material. The wine can then be filtered without the need of a paper.

What is the history of the 15cm Papers?

The 15cm Papers were initially used with a pad that contained asbestos material. These pads were fantastic at clearing all wines very quickly. However, the paper was needed to stop any asbestos fibres entering the wine. The pad in question was discontinued in 1981.

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Harris 15cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)
Harris 15cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)