Harris Hop Haze 30ml


Hop Haze creates a craft beer haze that is long lasting and does not settle out. Add 15ml of hop haze to 23 litres of beer, stir and watch the haze form


Harris Hop Haze 30ml

Hop HazeUse Hop Haze if you are making a craft beer and want that craft beer haze. It can be difficult to stop the natural clearing process of beer even if you use grain enhancing protein hazes. Using this helps create a stable long long-lasting haze.

This is an ingenious ingredient made from hops, which creates a long lasting haze in beer that does not settle out.

Directions for Hop Haze

It’s very simple to use too, just add 15ml to 23 litres of beer, stir, and watch the haze form.

There is 30ml in the bottle.

Use to help keep your haze in craft beers and it’s perfect for New England, East Coast style beers such as NEIPA


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Hop Haze
Harris Hop Haze 30ml