Harris Starbrite Beer Finings – 3 Dose


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Starbrite is a vegan-friendly beer finding that can be used as a direct replacement for isinglass. Only 10ml per 5 gallon is needed for speedy clearing.

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Harris Starbrite Beer Finings – 3 Dose

Harris Starbrite Beer Finings - 3 DoseWhat is it?

Starbrite is a vegan-friendly beer fining, no animal products have been used in the making or production of this fining. Starbrite can be used as a direct replacement for isinglass (the most common beer fining). This fining is being used by more commercial breweries that offer vegan-friendly beer.

Why you need it.

Although beers will eventually clear by themselves, sometimes this could be many months. Finings have a dual benefit when you add them to your beer, wine or cider. First, they attach to the haze and make it heavier, so it starts to settle quicker. As this is happening, the finings keeps absorbing the proteins that make up the haze, constantly getting bigger and heavier so it clears quickly.

Second, when the haze has fallen to a sediment, the finings starts to compact it, making less wastage. The sediment in its compact form is not so easily disturbed, so there is less chance of cloudy beer when pouring from a bottle.

Benefits of Starbrite

  • Clears beers quickly
  • Compacts sediment
  • Long shelf life
  • No animal products
  • No sulphites
  • GMO-free

How to use Starbrite.

Starbrite is very easy to use, simply add 10ml into 23 litres (5 gallons) of beer, following the guidelines shown on the label towards the end of fermentation and gently stir. Starbrite is sufficient to clear up to three 5 gallon brews.

It has the added advantage that it’s totally vegan-friendly, easy to store, and economical in the volume of product required. Starbrite has no negative flavour effect on your beer, or impact on foam, colour or aroma. Starbrite also complies with German Purity law regulations and section 9 of the provisional Beer Law.

For the advanced brewer:

Starbrite can be added in the fermenter or keg where it will clear the beer rapidly, or it can be added to the brew at whirlpool or chilled wort to improve clarification, stabilisation and filterability in the brewing process.


Although Starbrite is a vegan-friendly fining, you do not need to be a vegan to use it. We use it in all our beers to produce crystal clear brews and minimal sediment.

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Harris Starbrite Beer Finings - 3 Dose
Harris Starbrite Beer Finings – 3 Dose