Harris Vin Brite Wine Finings – 3 Dose


Vin Brite is a freeze-dried wine fining made from isinglass. Finings will help clear your wine quickly and help compact the sediment. This product is sufficient to clear up to three 5 gallon wines.

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What are Vin Brite Finings?

Vin Brite finings are a very powerful form of dry isinglass finings. Isinglass is one of the most effective fining agents available. The main problem with isinglass is that it needs to be kept constantly cool otherwise the product denatures and will not work. To overcome this, we have freeze-dried the isinglass at the point of making it up. Being a freeze-dried product, it can be stored at virtually any temperature without it losing any of its characteristics. Also, the free-drying extends the life of the finings considerably.

Why You Need It.

Although wines will eventually clear by themselves, sometimes this could be many months. Finings have a dual benefit when you add them to your wine. First, they attach to the haze and make it heavier, so it starts to settle quicker. As this is happening, the finings keeps absorbing the proteins that make up the haze, constantly getting bigger and heavier so it clears quickly.

Second, when the haze has fallen to a sediment, the finings starts to compact it, making less wastage. The sediment in its compact form is not so easily disturbed, so there is less chance of cloudy wine when pouring from a bottle. 


Add two level teaspoons of powder into half a cup of cold water. Whisk with a fork for 1 minute to thoroughly mix. Leave for 15 minutes, then whisk again before adding to 5 gallons (23L) of wine at the end of fermentation. This has the benefit of producing the finings with 100% activity, so you are using a more powerful and stronger finings. This results in clear wine quickly with more compact sediment.

When liquid isinglass is manufactured, it starts to deteriorate. The longer it is kept, the less fining properties are left in the product. As the Vin Brite was freeze-dried when it was made up, and then you are adding the water later on, you are using the full 100% fining properties.

We also recommend that you filter your wine using a Vinbrite filter to give your wine commercial clarity.

What Quantity Of Wine Will It Treat?

Vin Clear is available in a 3 dose pot to treat up to three 5 gallon brews (22.5 litres). 

How Do You Freeze Dry Finings?

A carefully controlled hydrolysis of the finest isinglass is carried out using citric acid under procedures laid down under BS5750.

When the laboratory are satisfied the correct stage of hydrolysis is attained the paste is transferred, using refrigerated transport, to the freeze-drying plant. Here the material is placed into storage at -60C until drying is undertaken.

When the drying occurs the material is spread thinly on trays and fed into a vacuum chamber, still at -60C, where the residual moisture and organic acid are flashed off. The dry material, looking a little like foam polystyrene is returned where it is milled, under refrigeration, to a suitable fine particle size.

After laboratory evaluation, additions of malic acid and potassium metabisulphite are made to the powder so that when reconstituted in solution, the correct pH and preservative levels are generated.

What Is The Benefit Of Freeze Drying Finings?

Because the material is prehydrolised under controlled conditions in the factory, the solution made is consistent with our high standards and contains only hydrolysed collagen – liquid solutions stored above 20C denature rapidly. Also, Brite will keep for long periods without any loss of performance

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Harris Vin Brite Wine Finings - 3 Dose
Harris Vin Brite Wine Finings – 3 Dose