King Keg 4″ Cap & S30 Valve


Replacement 4″ cap, S30 valve & O ring for the king keg. This valve uses the larger L30 and S30 gas cylinders only – not gas bulbs.

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King Keg 4″ Cap & S30 Valve

King Keg 4" Cap & ValveThis is a replacement cap that fits the larger 4″ opening. this comes with an S30 valve & O ring.

S30 Valve

The valve in this cap will use a larger refillable gas bottle like the Brewgas L30 or the older Hambleton Bard S30 gas bottles. Customers exchange these gas bottles in-store for a full one, each containing 240g of CO2. As these are high pressure cylinders, they cannot be posted out. PLEASE NOTE: This uses the larger L30 (S30) refillable gas bottles – not the small 8g gas bulbs.


The valve uses 3 washers/rubbers to help seal the gas inside the keg and keep pressure. One is a flat washer that seals the valve on the cap, one is around the base of the valve just above the cap itself (release washer), and one is underneath on a small nozzle (inlet washer). There is also a large rubber ring that seals the cap onto the plastic moulding of the barrel.


  • To help facilitate sealing, you need to smear the thread of the cap with Vaseline or similar. Failure to do so will result in the cap not sealing correctly.
  • Periodic replacement of the washers on the valve will be necessary. We always advise changing these every 3 brews to ensure that the barrel keeps pressure. Washers do perish and become weak over time and use.

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King Keg 4" Cap & Valve
King Keg 4″ Cap & S30 Valve