Quick Serve Tap


A tap that fits into the Budget Barrel. Suitable beer barrel tap: Economy Barrels with small 2″ cap, Wilkinsons (Wiko) Barrels, Youngs Barrel.

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Quick Serve TapQuick Serve Tap

The Quick Serve Tap fits into the Budget Barrel. The tap screws directly into the thread moulded in the barrel itself, which has a smaller 2″ top. The typical barrels the the 2″ Basic Barrel, Wilkinsons (Wiko) Barrels and the Youngs Barrel.

This tap does not include a back nut.

How to fit the tap

This tap screws directly into the thread in the barrel plastic. It does not have a nut for the back. Apply a small smear of petroleum jelly or similar to a part of the thread, and screw the tap into the barrel. As soon as the washer is seating against the barrel, give the tap a half turn so that the washer starts to compress and form a seal. Do not overtighten as this can cause damage to the thread and washer. The spout can be turned independently if it is not pointing the correct way.

Can this tap be used on buckets?

This type of tap has a slight taper on the thread so that it can easily screw into the barrel. It does not have sufficient depth in the thread to use a back nut to seal on a bucket, we suggest you either use the White Lever Tap with Anti-Sediment Back Nut or the Black Lever Tap. These taps have a back nut and a longer length for the nut to grip on and provide a better and more secure seal.


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Quick Serve Tap
Quick Serve Tap