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Warminster Malt
Warminster Maltings

The Morgan Family built Warminster Maltings – traditional floor maltings in 1855, designing it around the rigorous protocols of the Malt Tax (repealed in 1880).

In 1905, subsequently, Warminster Maltings then proprietor Edwin Sloper Beaven (self-taught barley breeder) bred the first genetically true barley variety in the world. He named it Plumage Archer.

In 1954, the Beaven’s barley breeding programme formally moved to The Plant Breeding Institute at Cambridge (PBI). From this, and based on Plumage Archer, the PBI bred Maris Otter in 1965.

In 2004, Robin Appel, proprietor, purchased the production and marketing rights to Maris Otter from the PBI. Today Maris Otter continues to be the world’s foremost brewing barley, and one of the most sought after malt.

We offer a wide choice of malts produced by Warminster, available in various weights for your recipe.

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