1 x Novatwist Plastic Screw Cap – Gold


Re-useable gold screw top for 30mm wine bottles and PET bottles. Simply push down and screw onto the bottle. Available in different colours

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1 x Novatwist Plastic Screw Cap – Gold

1 x Novatwist Plastic Screw Cap - GoldDo not throw away those screw-top wine bottles – reuse them with the Novatwist Cap. Simply push the cap down onto the bottle and screw it on. When you open the bottle later, the cap comes away from the security seal collar. The cap can be used many many times without the collar.

If using commercial bottles, if it has a metal collar on the neck, please remove this first so that the bottle pushes over to form a good seal.

We have been testing these for a while and they are a great cap.

The cap features an elegant design with the absence of visible threads.
– Opening and closing are done with ease and comfort.
– Opening torques are consistent.
– The caps remain airtight and can be applied and reapplied repeatedly without loss of effectiveness.
– Novatwist enables a safe use (no cutting edges).
– Bottles can be stored upright or lying down.
– Original aromas are preserved.

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