Prime Filter Pads – Pre-treatment & Spirit Wash Pad


Prime Pads are a coarse grade pre-treatment pad for the Vinbrite Filter Kit and are designed to be used before either the Crystalbrite or Filtabrite pads.

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Prime pads are filter pads that fit the Vinbrite Mk3 Filter Kit and are designed to remove the particles that would otherwise clog a filter pad. These pads are perfect for preparing a wine ready for filtration through either the Crystalbrite or Filtabrite pad to achieve a commercial clarity.

How Many Pads Are In The Packet?

There are 5 Prime Pads in each packet.

What Grade Are The Prime Pads?

Prime Pads are coarse grade pads offering a pre-treatment for the wine to remove a lot of the small and sticky particles that would otherwise block a filter pad. You may not notice significant differences in the clarity of your wine after passing through the Prime Pad, but the subsequent flow rate and performance of Filtabrite or Crystalbrite Pads will be improved.

Why Choose Prime Pads?

Prime Pads are an economical pad that helps remove a lot of the unwanted material that could block a standard filter pad. By passing the wine through the Prime Pad first, you will get a lot more wine through a standard pad and at a higher flow rate. They are perfect when filtering country wines or red wines with a heavy sediment. 

What Is The Micron Rating Of The Prime Pad?

The Prime Pads are not micron rated. They are not designed to clear a wine, only help it by removing some of the fine and sticky material that would easily and quickly block a filter pad. 

How Do You Fit The Prime Pad?

The Filtabrite is inserted into the Vinbrite Top Body, then the Support Disc is placed on the pad with side “A” facing the pad and the 3 notches in the Support Disc located in the slots in the Top Body. It is important to make sure that side “A” faces the pad as this has a ridge around the outside that bites into the pad to secure it in place. Then tighten the Locking Ring with the Spanner to secure the pad in place then snap on the Funnel.

How Fast Do The Prime Pad Filter The Wine?

As the Prime Pad is a coarse grade and also not designed to completely clear a wine, filtering time should be quick, especially if there is no sediment in the wine. It is still difficult to predict filtration times because there are so many variables involved, like what type of wine is being filtered?  Has any enzyme been used beforehand? Has the wine been transferred from any sediment? How sweet is the wine? What is the final specific gravity? etc. 

What Volume Of Wine Can You Pass Through A Prime Pad?

The amount of wine that you will be able to pass through the Prime Pad will depend upon the clarity of the wine being passed through. The more work that the filter pad must do, the quicker it can block up and the slower it will be. However, you should easily get 5 litres through even if in a bad condition to start with, and up to 25 litres if the sediment is removed.

Are There Any Other Type Of Pads For The Vinbrite Filter?

Also available are premium grade Crystalbrite pads offering excellent clarity and faster flow rates and Filtabrite pads . The Crystalbrite use the latest technology in pad manufacture to produce a thin pad that has amazing filtration properties. Wine will pass through the pad faster than all other pads available, whilst still producing a perfectly clear wine. Filtabrite pads are designed to filter wines slowly, maximising the time that the wine is in contact with the pad. The longer wait will be rewarded with the highest clarity in your finished wines.  Filtabrite Pads are ideal for polishing reasonably clear pre-fined wines (especially those made from kits).

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Prime Filter Pads - Pre-treatment & Spirit Wash Pad
Prime Filter Pads – Pre-treatment & Spirit Wash Pad